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2021 hip hop High quality gold jewelry women jewelry set 18k gold plating jewelry set

Regular price $21.50 USD
Regular price $28.49 USD Sale price $21.50 USD
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Product Name Jewelry set
Material  Alloy+rhinestone
Color  18K Gold Plated; Rhodium Plated Rose Gold Plated


Specification  Earring+Necklace+ring+bracelet



Necklace:18 inch + 3 inch extender


other  The data are measured by hand and may have errors ; If you need to change the size or customize the logo, please contact customer service
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Company Information
    20201116_IMG_6030.JPG    Yiwu Boguan Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with over 15 years experience in the fashion industry. We specialized in fashion jewelry and accessories with high quality and competitive price. We produce all kinds of fashion jewelry, like necklace, earring, rings, anklet, bracelet, keychain, ear cuff, chocker…etc. We are capable of design and making new styles based on trends, customer sketches, images, ideas. Since our factory is located in the famous biggest small commodity market Yiwu City, China, if you need help on sourcing other stuff in Yiwu market, we are glad to help! Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information if you like our product. We look forward to providing good service competitive price and fashionable product for you to gain the mutual success!