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Y68 Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Sports Smart Bracelet Electronic Product Sleep Tracker Step Counter D20 Y68

Regular price $16.30 USD
Regular price $21.23 USD Sale price $16.30 USD
Y68 Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Sports Smart Bracelet Electronic Product Sleep Tracker Step Counter D20 Y68
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Model name
Y68 D20 smart watch
Freq Band
HunterSun Chipset
Heart rate sensor
yes(HRS3300) 6pin-Welding type
 Antenna 4
 Touch panel
 3D G-sensor
 Heart rate and blood pressure
 call reminder
 Bidirectional anti loss
 Time and date
 yes,digital display
 box size
  carton size
 carton weight
Product Description

Company Profile
Our Advantages
First,we are a smart watch manufacturer that supports ODM/OEM. Our products have complete CE FCC RoSH qualifications and our daily production capacity is very large.

Second, our quality will go through rigorous QC testing, and we have a complete warranty.

Third, our customization is very flexible, we have a strong software development team, logo customization, etc. and it is very flexible.

Fourth, we have cooperation with many well-known companies around the world, including the world’s top 500 companies, which have customized service cooperation. We have complete logistics and transportation services, including DDP services.

Fifth, our Y68 product has powerful functions and is currently the latest model in the market. It has a long battery life and smooth APP operation. It is very fashionable and popular with consumers. Our price and quality have great advantages.

About products advantage with other suppliers :

First : Screen different we are 1.44 inch 240*240 high-definition ips screen (many suppliers are also1.44 inch ,but real is 128*128 only , cannot reach 240*240 resolution )

Second : our running memory 128kb, storage memory 8MB, chip is HS6620D , our motherboard has increased memory and can be used in 13 languages (some suppliers are only 1 language supported ,and chip is different also , Lead to different power consumption and running fluency )

Third : we are 90 mAh Seiko battery with protective plate , we have a complete battery report (Many suppliers promise to give you 90amh, but the actual production is to control the cost and give you 50mah, because you have no way to detect it. Only a professional can distinguish it by opening the back cover, and many batteries are recycled from second-hand batteries and are not made by Seiko. I know some suppliers in the Chinese market very well, because they are profitable in doing so )

Fourth: The strap is not easy to stick to dust after UV, the strap is very soft, and the bayonet usb charging place is made more and more compact, and it is very convenient to remove. (Many watchbands are recycled second-hand and polished casually. As a result, the surface of many watchbands in the market is different. Some suppliers have very rough watchbands )

Fifth: The last and most important thing is that all our Y68 products are shipped out by computer and manual testing one by one, and two test procedures are carried out to avoid after-sales problems . ( Some suppliers in the market have incomplete testing, and many of my new customers told me that there were a lot of after-sales problems when purchasing from other people. After feedback to me, I also convinced some new customers to believe in our quality. Up to now, more and more customers have experienced our products and are very satisfied)
Packing& Delivery

packing : 100pcs/carton box size :122mm*81mm*32mm
carton size : 46CM*34CM*29CM
carton weight : 5.2KG

1.By Express(DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT): around 3-5 working days delivery.
2.By Sea: around 4 weeks delivery.
3.By your forwarder arrangement.
4.We can support DDP shipping service.

Smart watch Hs Code : 8517629900

Q1.What kind of languages does this Smart Watch support?
A1.Watch language: Chinese, English, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
APP language:Ukrainian, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean

Q2.Is it waterproof?
A2.It's IP67 Waterproof. you can wear it to rain, wash hands,but don't put it into hot water, do not press the button in the water.

Q3.Can i change the strap of the smart watch?
A3.Yes, the strap for the watch can be changed.

Q4.Does it support NFC?
A4.No, it do not support.

Q5.Does it support multiple sports modes?
A5.Yes, It support.It supports, it will record the pedometer,calories, Motion track( the Motion track s upport for Android phones only )

Q6.How is it charged?
A6.It is a magnetic USB charging way.

Q7. Can i use it answer call or message?
A7. it do not support sim card, you can get a reminder but can not answer by the watch.

Q8.How long is its standby time?
A8.It has 90mAh battery,Standby Time 25 days, usually working time 3 days.

Q9.Does it support heart rate monitoring?
A9.Yes, it support dynamic real time heart rate monitor

Q10.How to connect your phone?
A10.Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch with APP.

Q11.Do you support DDP shipping service?
A11.yes,we can support DDP shipping service.
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Y68 Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Sports Smart Bracelet Electronic Product Sleep Tracker Step Counter D20 Y68